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It is through dance, and through touch, and through eye contact, that we finally begin to understand each other.  We must learn to speak each other's language, see each other's points of view, and dance each other's dance.  Let us thus dance together across our planet, assuring our health, our survival, and our sense of meaningful community.


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Dance is an art of both space and time.  A great artist has mastered these elements of design and motion - and then helps an audience have an experience in stopping or transcending time; of collapsing or condensing or expanding space.  I seek to get us all closer and closer to the real Self - and at the same time, help us experience a sense of connectedness to as large a universe, with the beings in it, as possible. 

  • Billbob is currently teaching Modern Dance Classes in Tucson on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at ZUZI! Dance in the Historic Y.  New sessions begin at the end of March!   Click here for more info.
  • WHEN DARK TURNS TO LIGHT: Check out this wonderful article about The Four Directions Solstice concert, written by the illustrious Margaret Regan in the Tucson Weekly!


is coming this

JUNE 16 & 17, 8:00 pm!

Presenting two video/dance works: X = Y Not, and e-Femoral.

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The MANDELBROT FRACTAL, the infinitely repeating shape that comes out of the science of CHAOS THEORY, conveys my own sense that the universe is complex, that beings are diverse, and that there is an inherent sense of order in apparently random events.  It suggests that richness of art is to be found in subtle nuances that can happen both through highly detailed choreography, and through spontaneous improvisations in the moment of performance.  I'm interested in the intersection between those two acts, but always, always, working towards a profound sense of ALIVENESS in each work.


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I seem to have this thing for making funny dances.  What I like about comedy is that it keeps me honest and true to the moment; you just can't "phone in" a comedic performance; it requires you to be fully present in a different way from a previous run of the work or with a different audience. Comedy teaches me and feeds me as I seek to understand it; it also makes me feel profoundly secure in a way that typical dancing does not, in that there is immediate audience response and I am able to understand a bit what is going on in their heads out there in the dark...unlike a usual dance, in which I have to wait for the end of the dance to hear the level of the applause - and that is not always a good or wise indicator as to the success of a piece.  Comedy challenges me to be fully alive, and honest, and fully connected to an audience.  And they seem to like that!  Check out the hilarious "Once Upon a..." here.

My work has often been political in some way; I think it's an artist's duty to contribute to the betterment of our planet.  BUT I also believe that ART has the power to build bridges, as it presents images and feelings that bridge the divide between points of view, in ways that words alone cannot.  We often seem to disagree when we use words; but when we move, when we feel the feelings that are present in another, we find that we're all in the same dance together, in agreement and in harmony.


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